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Delirious about the Dwindling Diaper Duty

Well it’s finally Friday and I’m finally able to post on the most prominent focal point of the week;
Justice started Potty Training on Monday!! Yay!!!!!!!!
My sweet little beauty has been showing readiness signs for a couple of months now. First off, she started “telling” us when she was pooping when she was about 8-9 months old. Helpful. Cute. A little TMI sometimes sure, but it was the start of her realization of her bodily functions. She was workin on somethin’ there and it wasn’t just the gift in her diaper. Then, she started waking up with a dry diaper a couple of months ago. As long as she didn’t sit in her crib for too long after she woke up, she had a dry tooshie. So I’d undo her diaper cover, tuck the front of her dry prefold under her butt and tell her to go potty. And lo and behold, she would!!! :) Sure, it was 1st thing in the morning and she hadn’t peed in 11 or so hours so it was going to come out anyway, but still! She was starting to understand and I was over the moon!
She’s been quite consistant in this routine so Monday morning, we went to Babies R Us and got her a potty. No spectacular features. No singing. No characters on it. It’s got everything she needs. A place to get the hang of it, that just happens to be pretty and pink, then it converts to fitting on the BIG potty so she doesn’t fall through and the base becomes a step to get up there. It has an extension that holds a roll of toilet paper and a place to put flushable wipes. That’s it. Nothing fancy, but it’s all hers!! :) Then came the search for training pants. I knew that our new favorite store eco-POLITAN had a few different styles and brands as I’ve perused them twice in the last couple of weeks. I also knew that they were a little out of our price range for the time being. So, with potty in cart, I decided to see what BRU had. I was surprised to find that they had the classic Gerber training pants. And in 2 different styles no less! I was NOT surprised to find that the smallest size they offered was 2T (28-32lbs.). Justice is 24lbs. at most. I had had a feeling that this was going to be the case, but was still a little disappointed. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they carried classic “rubber pants”. And not only did they carry them, but they had them in a size that fit her better! Sweet! Ok, well, now we’re getting somewhere. I then debated between the regular, more panty like style trainer and the plastic shelled style. hmmm…….. I decided to try the regular panty like type and get a couple of “rubber pants” rather than spending the money on 2 different types. Plus, the “rubber pants” were cheaper than either of the other two, so just adding those was more cost effective. :) How very spend savvy of me! 😉
So, 2 packages of “Big girl training panties”, 1 package of “rubber pants”, 1 Big Girl Potty, Justice, Evan and I headed to the register where the lovely lady commented how very special and big Justice must be to be getting a potty and then came the inevitable……”How old is she?” The look of shock and mild disbelief was pretty expected when I replied with “17 months”. (I’ve gotten rather used to that look when asked the same question, although usually it’s related to how long her hair is.) The lady, whom I’m pretty sure has told me before that she is now a very happy grandma, was delighted. She commented on how wonderful that was and told Justice what a lovely girl she was and how proud of her we all were.
In to the truck we got and home we ventured. I immediately busted out the potty, relieved my daughter of her pants and diaper, plopped her down and waited. And waited….. And waited….. We talked about the potty, about peeing in the potty, about the box, etc…We had quite the conversation. We did NOT have peeing in the potty. Ok. No big deal!! It’s the very 1st time. And afterall, she IS only 17 months! So off she came and down for a nap she went. Buying a potty is exciting stuff you know?!
Mondays final potty tally was an impressive 3 times!!!!!! As was Tuesdays!! This girl is doin great!! Wednesdays total was 4 and Thursdays was an awe-inspiring 7 times!!! Her potty goes everywhere with us. To pick up Evan from school, to karate/work, to Chili’s…you name it!! Yes, I really really did take her potty into Chili’s with us last night (that explains why there haven’t been any recipe posts this week huh?!?!!!). It was in the box, which may or may not make it any less ‘weird’, but you bet I took it in! I am very dedicated to my daughters’ potty training success. Normally kids are attempting this around age 2 and they have a hard enough time fitting on “grown-up” potties. My little 24lb. 17 month old is at even more of a disadvantage so you better believe I’m going to do any and every thing I can to help her with this daunting lesson. I’m all about consistancy baby! One of the parents at karate saw me carrying the box out of the bathroom the other day and said, laughing, “You brought her potty?” and I said, “You bet!!! It’s all about consistancy!!” She laughed with me despite her obvious surprise, but hey, I want this to be as easy for Justice as it can be. Easier for Justice means easier for me in the grand scheme of things. And I’m DEFINITELY a big fan of that!!
So, that brings us to today. We had 2 potty successes this morning before she went down for her nap and I know that this afternoon will bring even more. I know that this will probably be a long process because while she is physically ready, she’s not quite old enough to really understand it all. Will she just start going over to her potty on her own? Probably not anytime soon. And you know what? I’m ok with that. But I’m willing to stick with her and take the time out of stuff that really isn’t nearly as important to make the trips with her to help her. Bring it on! This is precious time with my sweet little love. Watching her grow and learn. I wouldn’t trade it for the world…. 


Oh…where to begin??? The Great Cloth Diaper Change and Easter…amongst others.. ;)

So my last post was almost a full week ago! I’m so sorry for the long break!! It’s been a very full week. Thursday I decided that I needed to take the day to just be with my little love. Get some cleaning done for the in-laws arriving. Originally they were supposed to come in on Friday, but the state of New Mexico couldn’t possibly part with any employees on Good Friday so Dominic’s dad had to work. So they came up Saturday afternoon/evening.
Saturday morning was the Great Cloth Diaper Change that we were enthusiastic participants in. A world wide organized and synchronized event to set a Guiness World Record for the most cloth diapers changed at the same time around the world, and also to promote cloth diapering. I was soo excited! :) Dominic just laughed at me, but he was still right there with me! 😉 It was fun. Justice got her picture taken quite a bit, we got a goody bag with some cool coupons and a couple free samples. And hey, we got free lunch too! The whole thing was put on by one of our favorite new stores, eco-POLITAN ( with a yummy lunch sponsored by Noodles & Co.. Delish! :) There was only one snag to the whole morning….we managed to discover that Justice is allergic to walnuts. Dominic brought me a little yummy mini-muffin that had walnuts on/in it. I made sure to keep Justice away from it so that it didn’t get into her hands or mouth, but I had been eating it with my fingers. Well, when we got in to the “official diaper changing area” I took off her clothes to get ready for the big event. About 15 seconds later, I discovered a rash on her right arm and all underneath it onto her chest and tummy….you know…where I had been holding on to her while I undressed her….. The muffin was the only thing that wasn’t ours that I had my hands on and she was dressed up until then… Needless to say, this has done nothing to quell my paranoia. I’m even more worried about peanuts now, even though it’s less common to have an allergy to tree nuts AND peanuts but given the extent of the reaction just from light, BRIEF contact….~sigh~ I gave her Benadryl and she took a 3 hour nap, but the rash was still visible and raised. Even 36 hours later, it was still there. BARELY, but it had not completely gone… I tell ya….this little girl is gonna kill me!! 😉 <3 But I'm counting down the days.... Our insurance goes into effect on the 1st (which is a sunday) so you better believe that Monday I'm calling the doctor's office 1st thing and making an appt for a new patient visit to get a referral for an allergist....ASAP!! As much as I'm REALLY not wanting to put my poor sweet little love through the torture, I can't wait to finally stop shopping/cooking/eating in FEAR. Afterall, “knowing is half the battle”!! hehehe

We had dinner with Dominic’s parents and grandma Saturday night. Aside from the fear that the peanuts all around us was exacerbating, Texas Roadhouse was delicious and it was a great evening with the ‘rents. :)

Easter sunday was quite lovely. The kids eyes lit up at the sight of their baskets (of which I of course, forgot to take a picture). Breakfast for the littl’n came 1st, then on to the egg hunt. :) This was Justice’s 1st. After the 2nd or 3rd egg that she found she really got the hang of it and was very excited! Then it was off to brunch with the ‘rents, grandma, and one of Dominic’s aunts and her family. It was quite nice.
The rest of the day held naps for almost all of us and then a relaxed visit from the ‘rents and grandma here at our place. :) It was a wonderful visit. <3 I’ll be posting Fridays’ “recipe” for Nachos next. It was the only time this weekend that I actually cooked so it’s the only thing I’ve got to post for now…That should change later this week….. It will…… at some point… 😉
Have a great rest of the week!!

Oh my goodness…

What a long, crazy, and hectic week it’s been and it’s only Wednesday!
There have been a few issues to take center stage this week and unfortunately the blog and the MO Creations fb page have been a little neglected. My apologies to you if you’ve been waiting on new recipes this week. I actually went recipe hunting today for a little while and so I definitely have several awaiting trial and exposure!!! I originally went searching for new recipes today specifically to find a couple of delicious, at least mildly impressive meals for this weekend. Dominic’s parents and Grandma are coming up this weekend from NM and I’ll be cooking Saturday and Sunday night. For 8!!! Holy visiting in-laws Batman!!!
I’ve actually only cooked twice this week. Sundays infamous Beef Ravioli with Lemon Dressing and Thyme Buttered Carrots and then again on Monday when we had our (also infamous) Kraft Homestyle Mac n’ Cheese with ground turkey. Me and my wildly creative cooking huh??! Last night we had Chicken with Cheesy Mash Topping on the plan but alas, like many nights lately, I was working at karate quite late and there just wasn’t time to make a full dinner once home. So off to Chili’s we went.. LOL  Tonight had the delicious and all around popular Tomato Free Meatloaf. I had every intention of making this one!! It’s something that I know Justice will eat! But…….shockingly……I was at karate longer than planned and just didn’t have time to make it. Tonight we all “scrounged it”. Salmon crescents, fresh mac n cheese, leftover Chili’s, leftover Cheesy Cauliflower Casserole, and some mushroom soup topped us off this evening. That’s us…..ever exciting! So, the meatloaf gets transferred to tomorrow night, I’ll scratch the Cheesy chicken mash thing for this week and then….Friday gives us NACHOS!!! These are probably THE most popular meal in this house and since I’ve gotten on this ‘new recipe, cook most nights’ kick, we haven’t had them. Main reason being Justice can’t have them. (Sharp chips that she doesn’t always chew well and chokes on, seasoned meat and a yummy queso that has many of Justice’s forbidden foods.) I’m hoping that I can coerce her into eating the rest of the dinner that she didn’t eat tonight. I’m keeping my fingers crossed but not getting my hopes up… And yes, I’ll be sure to post the ‘recipe’ for our Nachos.
I think I’m heading off to bed now. I just wanted to be sure and post a little “sumpin sumpin” to let you know that yes, we’re still here and alive (although Evan’s status is precarious and may change soon).
Givin ya some mid week love and hoping to gain, or re-gain, some life-saving patience and calm…
Enjoy the rest of your week and I’ll post again soon!

Plan? Sure, I made a plan. Did I follow it?? Why on earth would I do that?!

A week or two ago, I found on one of my fave resources , a cute printable week long meal plan. It’s got a great little graphic on it and has space for all 3 major daily meals for 7 days. I was excited that I didn’t have to make one and that I had something other than my handy little notebook to keep track of these things on. Wayyy better than just writing which recipes to do for the week and then figuring out which one got made which day based on how I was feeling at the last minute…. It was. Really. So I did the 1st weeks’ plan and stuck to it each day. Then on to week 2. Ha Ha Ha!!! I think 5 of the 7 meals planned were made. One night I was just too tired to stand in the kitchen and do anything besides stare in the fridge so we got to ‘scrounge it’ and the other I’m pretty sure we went out. Couldn’t begin to tell you where (that WAS longer ago than yesterday). But this week…this week was going to be better. It was! I swear!
Let’s see…day 1 was grocery day and I did a repeat of an early find, Cheesy Cauliflower Casserole. (mmmmmm……..) one day followed through with, 6 more to go….
Day 2 (Monday) and it was….”I don’t wanna go home and make dinner!!!” By the happened to be a recipe that had already been booted of the list/plan at least twice…
Day 3 was the Steak & zucchini fettuccine. Delicious-ness! :) (twice in 3 days isn’t tooo bad…)
Day 4 was a repeat of a past try-Baked Chicken Nuggets (so yummy and easy!) (woo hoo! 2 nights in a row even!)
Day 5 was last night and………be ready for it………We went out!!!!! See what happens to a girls’ plan when a friend mentions IHOP?! Ridiculous. Seriously. At least we weren’t missing anything new and potentially spectacular. It was our Kraft Homestyle Mac n’ Cheese with ground turkey night. We can do that anytime and it’s a given success.
That brings us to tonight. The plan has another newby, Beef Ravioli w/Lemon Dressing. Yeah….sounds delicious, we’ll see if it happens huh?! We could do last nights mac n cheese or maybe ACTUALLY do what’s planned for…or we may do tomorrow’s plan…who knows?!
I still absolutely stand by planning out a weeks worth of meals and I will continue to do it, but I’m realistic. We’re a busy family. Between school, the guys’ work, karate (for both Evan and I not to mention my working there too), errands, blogging, laundry, naps, barrette making, so forth and so on forever and ever, it just doesn’t always work out….I’m ok with that. The important stuff is covered. We all eat dinner together about 95% of the time and that’s what matters. Sometimes, sure, we spend more than we should on meals out, but…we’re fed, we’re healthy, and we’re happy. And most days, all at the same time!
I’m good with that…

The 1st non-food post…

So, I’ve recently discovered that Evan is neglecting washing his hands. It’s quite disconcerting considering he used to be so good at it. I never had to tell him or remind him. As a matter of fact, when Justice was still little, he was a little handwashing nazi. He asked, almost as frequently as Dominic, if you had washed your hands in regards to handling Justice. Now however….things are not nearly as disciplined. After having several discussions with him and letting him know that a friends’ daughter was recently bathroom ridden after contracting Rotavirus from poor or no handwashing at school, I’ve decided to try an experiment in hopes that seeing something with his own two eyes will help drive the point home.
So, tommorrow’s experiment will consist of;
me lightly spraying my hand with cooking spray then sprinkling either glitter or pepper. I will shake Evan’s hand to show transference then have him wash his hands with soap but not dry them. There will still be glitter/pepper on his hands. Then I’ll have him dry them and see what’s left.
I hope that this will be a good visual for him and that it helps him to revert back to his old healthy habits.
Please feel free to try this experiment in your house regardless of the level of discipline regarding hand washing, if only to reinforce the necessity and benefits.

Our Story

Ok so here we go. I’m starting this to get some recipes and experiences out there for anyone else looking. Here’s a little bit of our backstory;

When my sweet girl Justice was just 4 months old we discovered she has an allergy. Not to anything ‘typical’ mind you, none of the major allergens. She’s allergic to Eggplant. It was one of her brother’s favorites when he was a baby so it was the 2nd food I tried her on. Oh Boy! Thankfully she was quite distracted and not really accustomed to eating “food” yet so she wasn’t really getting any in her mouth. After less than a minute of trying to feed her, I realized that the whole bottom half of her face (from nose down) was Bright Red! And then came the hives. I wiped her face off as soon as I noticed and removed the food from the area. The hives were continuing to erupt and a couple of them were not exactly small. I was on the phone speaking with a pediatric nurse who was going through a few things for me to check, like breathing and swallowing ability, both of which were seemingly not affected when I noticed her bottom lip was slightly swollen as well. Since her breathing and swallowing ability were not affected, and the general redness had started to subside, the nurse advised me to just continue close supervision for the next 4-5 hours for ANY changes but that we could stay home and save us all an ER visit if there were no changes. I immediately took to the internet to find the plant family that eggplant belonged to and what else was in it. I was surprised to find that eggplant is related to tomatoes (not a shock since the seeds are identical), potatoes (regular not sweet), bell peppers, chili peppers, and tobacco (yay!). What an odd grouping huh?! Needless to say, we’ve carefully avoided all of those foods since. Her doctor’s have agreed with our decision to also stay away from eggs (I have a slight allergy to a component of eggs). While my curious now-toddler managed to eliminate potatoes from the mix (finding and helping herself to a stash of tater tots and subsequently completely freaking out her father and I), we’re diligent about avoiding the rest of the group until allergy testing can be done.

This has brought our family into the midst of a new adventure. Justice is now 15 months and is clearly “done” with baby food (of which has always been organic). She has almost all of her teeth and desperately wants to use them on ‘real’ food. So many of the meals that I routinely make have tomatoes or are just not toddler-self-feeding friendly. Thus began my search for healthy, toddler/family friendly meals that are tomato free and at least mostly egg free. Because of our after school schedule (both my 8 year old son and I are in karate 4-5 nights a week) I am unable to prepare a full healthy meal in the evenings and so have taken to making dinner in the mornings/afternoons for reheating later. I am conscious of what our family eats and most specifically what my children eat. To date, my son Evan, has had maybe one soda in his life and it was a lemon/lime type that was caffeine free. He has maybe 6 pieces of candy a year and maybe as many cookies. He loves his vegetables and fresh fruit. He has great eating habits. He doesn’t get a lot of salt and actually looks at labels now to see what the sugar and protein contents are. Justice has’t had juice yet, likes some fruit, loves all the vegetables she’s had (especially sweet potatoes and spinach), had a tiny bit of cake for her 1st birthday photos, and downs at least a full cup (10oz) of milk a day. She’s a great water drinker too. None of her baby foods had preservatives or anything added (especially sugar).

So-what follows will be our trials with new recipes and my/our experiences with food and cooking. I was able to find some pretty great recipes online that are toddler/family friendly, relatively easy to make, and tomato free. I’m constantly on the search for new and more things to try.
Hopefully this can help or at least lend some support for anyone else going through similar issues.
Happy searching, cooking, and eating to all!